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Last Updated: Thursday January 23 2003 19:34 GMT

Quiz: African places

Question 1

What is the largest city in Africa?

A: Johannesburg
B: Cairo
C: Cape Town

Question 2

What is the highest mountain in Africa?

A: Kilimanjaro
B: Moanda Mountain
C: Table Mountain

Question 3

What is the longest river in Africa?

A: Congo
B: Bongo
C: Nile

Question 4

What is Africa's largest country?

A: South Africa
B: Sudan
C: Algeria

Question 5

How many countries are there in Africa?

A: 12
B: 53
C: 87

Question 6

How big is Africa compared to other continents?

A: The biggest
B: The second biggest
C: The third bigest

Question 7

What city in Africa has the most people?

A: Cairo, Egypt
B: Asmara, Eritrea
C: Accra, Ghana

Question 8

What is the largest lake in Africa?

A: Lake Victoria
B: Lake Malawi
C: Lake Awassa

Question 9

What is the official language of Namibia?

A: French
B: German
C: English

Question 10

The world's largest desert is...?

A: The Namib
B: The Sahara
C: The Kalahari

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