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Last Updated: Thursday January 23 2003 19:20 GMT

Quiz: African animals


Question 1

Which animal's name means 'earth pig' in the Afrikaans language?

A: Hippopotamus
B: Aardvark
C: Tapir

Question 2

Africa is home to the world's smallest type of squirrel, called the...?

A: Pygmy squirrel
B: Shrew squirrel
C: Bird squirrel

Question 3

What is the world's fastest land animal?

A: The puma
B: The leopard
C: The cheetah

Question 4

The giraffe was originally thought to be a cross between which two animals?

A: A horse and a tiger
B: A leopard and a camel
C: A zebra and an antelope

Question 5

Rhino horn is made from what?

A: Bone
B: Matted hair
C: Wood

Question 6

The pangolin is a type of what?

A: Anteater
B: Fish
C: Snake

Question 7

How many species of bat is Africa home to?

A: 111
B: 211
C: 311

Question 8

In a pride of lions, who does the most hunting

A: The males
B: The females

Question 9

The dikdik is a type of what?

A: Hosre
B: Antelope
C: Monkey

Question 10

Baby elephants are called ...?

A: Pups
B: Calves
C: Cubs

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