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Comic Relief

Last Updated: Tuesday February 27 2007 12:49 GMT

How can I get involved?

Get a stylish makeover for Red Nose Day 2005
There are loads of ways of taking part:

1. Most schools in the UK get involved in Red Nose Day. This means you can normally help by organising a fundraising event at your school.

Tell your teacher that all the fundraising ideas and a guide to fundraising are available on the Red Nose Day website.

2. If your school is not taking part you can organise your own event to raise money. These are some ideas from Comic Relief.

  • Bake some Comic Relief cookies and sell them to friends and family
  • Gunge one of your friends, family or neighbours.

Get more ideas and advice and some rules you must follow from the Comic Relief website.

3. Stay in and watch the special programmes on Red Nose Day. You can learn stuff, have a laugh, then make a donation.

Guide to Comic Relief