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Last Updated: Thursday May 11 2006 13:30 GMT

Quiz: Marsupials

A kangaroo

Question 1

Marsupials are different from other mammals because:

A: They keep their babies in pouches
B: They have six toes
C: They can't swim

Question 2

What is the only marsupial in North America?

A: Ningaui
B: Opossum
C: Koala

Question 3

Which of these is not a real marsupial?

A: Numbat
B: Jinger
C: Phalanger

Question 4

Where do most marsupials live?

A: Africa
B: Asia
C: Australasia

Question 5

How many species of marsupial are there?

A: 150-60
B: 260-80
C: 340-60

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