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Last Updated: Thursday March 24 2005 14:29 GMT

Quiz: Healthy eating

Question 1

How often should you eat fish, according to experts?

A: Once a week
B: Twice a week
C: Every day

Question 2

What contains the most vitamin C?

A: Milk
B: Sprouts
C: Oranges

Question 3

How much water do experts reckon people should drink every day?

A: 1 litre
B: 2 litres
C: 3 litres

Question 4

How much calcium do our bodies need to be healthy?

A: 100 mg per day
B: 400 mg per day
C: 700 mg per day

Question 5

Which fat is the worst type for our health?

A: Polyunsaturated fat
B: Saturated fat
C: Monounsaturated fat

Question 6

What percentage of our daily calorie intake (energy) should come from carbohydrates?

A: 50 per cent
B: 80 per cent
C: 100 per cent

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