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Last Updated: Friday December 27 2002 18:27 GMT

Barbie quiz


Question 1

What is Barbie's full name?

A: Barbie Doll
B: Barbarella
C: Barbie Millicent Roberts

Question 2

What was Barbie's first career?

A: Fashion model
B: Astronaut
C: Pop star

Question 3

What year did Barbie first go on sale?

A: 1949
B: 1959
C: 1969

Question 4

What was Barbie's first pet?

A: A parrot called Polly
B: A dog called Rusty
C: A horse called Dancer

Question 5

What's the name of Barbie's latest film due out March 2009?

A: Sleeping Beauty
B: Thumbelina
C: Cinderella

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