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Last Updated: Monday January 17 2005 17:04 GMT

How do terrorists attack?

Plane wrecked by terrorist bomb

These are some of the weapons that have been used:

Anthrax is a naturally occurring disease that can kill. It was used as a terror weapon in the USA in 2001. Anthrax bacteria in the form of a white powder was sent through the US mail system.

Terrorists often use bombs. Just one person with a bomb can make a whole city feel scared. Bombs can be hidden in busy places, on trains or even planes. A timer usually sets off the explosion when the bomber has left the area. The plane shown on this page was destroyed by a bomb placed in luggage.

Car bomb
Explosives packed in cars or vans and set off with a timer or by remote control.

Cyber terrorists
This is the name given to people who attack the internet and computer networks. They use hacking, computer viruses and sometimes work as a group to overload the servers that store web pages.

Hijackers use force to take control of boats, planes and busses. They may use the passengers as hostages or use the vehicle they control as a weapon.

Letter bomb
Explosives in an envelope or parcel that blows up when it is opened.

Mortar bomb
A mortar is a bomb that is fired from a metal tube or pipe. It flies a short distance and is detonated by a timer, they can be made cheaply.

Suicide bomb
Explosives are attached to the bomber's body, then hidden beneath clothing. The bomber walks up to their target then detonates the bomb.

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