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The Ashes

Last Updated: Thursday November 25 2010 15:43 GMT

Who's won the most?

A coin to celebrate England's Ashes win in 2005

For ages Australia have dominated The Ashes, winning the series loads more times than England. But recently the competition has got a bit more interesting!

England won The Ashes at home in both 2005 and 2009. The Australian's took the title in 2006-2007 and in 2002-2003.

Lots of cricket fans reckon that the 2005 competition was one of the best played as it was really close! Everyone was so surprised with the win that the team even had an open top bus parade around London.

England haven't been able to beat the Aussie side in Australia since 1986-87. Fans are really hopeful that they'll be able to do it this year as the England side have some top players, like world number one spinner Graeme Swann.

Back at the beginning of The Ashes, England were a lot more successful, with the team winning seven series in a row after they started in 1882.

Australia came back with a winning streak, starting in 1891.

Since then, both sides have taken it in turns to dominate the tournament, at least until recent years.

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