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Last Updated: Friday November 01 2002 14:50 GMT

Quiz: Chewing gum

Chewing gum on the street

Question 1

What kind of tree resin did the ancient Greeks used to chew as gum?

A: Mastiche
B: Pastiche
C: Bubbiche

Question 2

What did the ancient Mayans chew as gum?

A: Cocoa
B: Chicory
C: Chicle

Question 3

What was the name of the man who made the first type of gum to go on sale in 1848?

A: Thomas Adams
B: John Curtis
C: William Wrigley

Question 4

How can you get chewing gum out of your hair?

A: Rub it with peanut butter
B: Soak it in vinegar
C: Get a friend to chew it out

Question 5

Where can you get heavily fined for buying or selling chewing gum?

A: India
B: Hong Kong
C: Singapore

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