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Harry Potter Actors

Last Updated: Thursday October 31 2002 11:53 GMT

Emma Watson (Hermione)

Emma Watson as Hermione Grainger

Name: Emma Watson
Birthday: 15 April 1990
Starsign: Aries
From: Oxford
Family: Her parents, both lawyers, are divorced. Emma lives with her mother and younger brother Alex.
Showbiz CV: Emma made her acting debut in the first Harry Potter flick. Though she wasn't new to the stage - she'd played lead role in several school plays as well as winning first place at the Daisy Pratt poetry competition when she was seven.

Potty about: Emma loves playing hockey and rounders. At school, she likes a good old-fashioned debate and brightens up her journey home from school with singing on the bus. Oh, and she loves sherbet lemon jelly beans.

Movie magic: Potter fans will know that Emma's hair colour is brown in the film. But in real life she's a natural blonde!

If she had magic powers she would would... cast Brad Pitt in Harry Potter! Emma says he 'is a dude' and she would give him any part if she could.