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Guides: Lord Of The Rings Actors

Last Updated: Thursday October 31 2002 15:46 GMT

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn)

Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn
Full name: Viggo Mortensen
Birthday: 20 October 1958
Born: Manhattan, New York, USA
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Family: Ex-wife Christine, child Henry Blake
Films: Daylight, Hidalgo, Lord of the Rings
LotR character: Aragorn/Strider

Other stuff:

  • He's got degrees in government and Spanish
  • He's published two books of poetry and is working on a third
  • He's also a talented photographer and painter and has had his work exhibited in the States!
  • He's a jazz musician and has released 3 CDs (is there no end to this man's talents??)
  • Viggo is a Scandinavian name
  • He's worked as a waiter, barman and lorry driver in the past
  • He's been in several foreign films as he speaks loads of languages, including Spanish and Danish
  • He grew up in America, Venezuela, Argentina and Denmark
  • He's got a scar over his top lip
  • He lost a tooth during a fight scene in Fellowship of the Ring
  • He sang songs to Gwyneth Paltrow when they filmed A Perfect Murder together to calm her down before important scenes

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