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Last Updated: Monday April 18 2005 15:06 GMT

Quiz: Firefighting


Question 1

What number would you dial to get the fire brigade out in an emergency?

A: 999
B: 111
C: 555

Question 2

What do firefighters usually slide down to get to their fire engines when they've been called out?

A: A banister
B: A pole
C: A rope

Question 3

In what town does Fireman Sam live?

A: Pontypridd
B: Pontins
C: Pontypandy

Question 4

What's colour are firefighter's hats?

A: Yellow
B: Purple
C: Pink

Question 5

Around how much does a new fire engine cost?

A: 25,000
B: 100,000
C: Over 250,000

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