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Question 1

Something that has mystery or a strange power has...?

A: mistique
B: mis-teeq
C: mystique

Question 2

In UK English, the thing that you like the best is your...?

A: favorite
B: favourite
C: favorit

Question 3

The day after today is...?

A: tommorow
B: tomorrow
C: tomorow

Question 4

The vegetable that's almost as hard to spell as it is to stomach is...?

A: broccoli
B: brockoli
C: brocolli

Question 5

Harry Potter goes to school at...?

A: Hoggwarts
B: Hogwarts
C: Hogwartz

Question 6

In Star Wars the Jedi Yoda arranges his words...?

A: strangely
B: strangley
C: stranglie

Question 7

Fear of spider is known as...?

A: arachnophobia
B: arachniphobia
C: arachnaphobia

Question 8

The writing's on the wall - but what is it..?

A: graffiti
B: grafitti
C: graffitti

Question 9

Politicians can get very worked up about an...?

A: opinion poll
B: opinion Pole
C: opinion pole

Question 10

The manager of Chelsea Football Club is...?

A: Jose Mourinho
B: Jose Mourinyo
C: Jose Maureen-Yo

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