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Guides: Back to school

Last Updated: Tuesday August 13 2002 19:00 GMT

If you feel you can't go back

A boy being bullied in the BBC programme Feather Boy

Below are some common worries, along with things you can do to make yourself feel better.

I am just really scared
Write down what it is about school you are scared of. It may not seem so bad when you think it through.

Close your eyes and imagine the scary situation, only this time you are smiling and relaxed. Do this over and over.

Everyone hates me
Draw a line down the middle of a page. On one side list everyone you like, on the other side put the names of people you don't like. The lists may be more balanced than you think

I am being bullied
Tell someone. Talk to your tutor / parents / teachers / childline. Use the link on this page.

I can't do the work
Talk to your parents or teachers - especially if you are having trouble reading or writing. You can get help.

A teacher picks on me
Arrange to see the teacher outside of class time. Explain carefully what is upsetting you. Be polite and they will be more likely to listen.

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