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Last Updated: Monday July 04 2005 12:30 GMT

Quiz: Birds

Question 1

What is the national bird of Britain?

A: Raven
B: Robin
C: Peacock

Question 2

What kind of owl does Harry Potter own?

A: Tawny
B: Barn
C: Snowy

Question 3

What are birds that hunt other animals called?

A: Birds of prey
B: Game birds
C: Birds of play

Question 4

Which black and white birds live in Antarctica?

A: Puffins
B: Magpies
C: Penguins

Question 5

Hans Christian Andersen wrote about what type of bird?

A: A puny pelican
B: A clever crow
C: An ugly duckling

Question 6

What is the Latin word for bird?

A: Avis
B: Ecce
C: Saurus

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