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Last Updated: Thursday August 08 2002 17:06 GMT

Quiz: Spiders

A spider's web

Question 1

To what class do spiders belong?

A: Insecta
B: Nursery
C: Arachnida

Question 2

How many legs does a spider have?

A: Four
B: Six
C: Eight

Question 3

What is the fear of spiders known as?

A: Arachnophobia
B: Claustrophobia
C: Agoraphobia

Question 4

How many different species of spider are known worldwide?

A: 4,000
B: 50,000
C: 600,000

Question 5

Of the many species of spider, how many are know to be poisonous?

A: Two
B: Six
C: More than 10

Question 6

How do spiders catch their prey?

A: By using their web to snare insects
B: By stalking their prey on foot
C: Both of the above methods

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