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Last Updated: Monday March 19 2007 10:47 GMT

Why is it in the news so much?

Coalition soldier
Iraq has been in the headlines for a number of years, but the country has been in the news more often since the US-led invasion of the country in 2003.

At the time there were fears that the leader of Iraq, President Saddam Hussein, would use very dangerous weapons - called weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) - to attack other countries.

Control of the country was taken from Saddam Hussein very quickly, and he was captured.

Saddam Hussein was put on trial for the murder of 148 people in 1988 in Iraq and was found guilty in 2006 and was sentenced to be killed.

He was killed by hanging on 30 December 2006 in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

But Iraq is still a violent country and there are thousands of soldiers from other countries there trying to keep the peace.

Eventually it's hoped that a government elected by Iraqis will run the country and Iraq will be safe enough for the foreign soldiers to leave.

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