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Last Updated: Monday May 23 2005 15:30 GMT

Quiz: Birds of prey

A buzzard

Question 1

What is another name for a bird of prey?

A: Raptor
B: Herbivore
C: Carnivore

Question 2

What makes birds of prey different from other birds?

A: Their call
B: Their hooked beaks with sharp edges
C: Their wing span

Question 3

How many species of falcon are there in the world?

A: 23
B: 63
C: 143

Question 4

Red kites belong to which scientific order of birds of prey?

A: Carniformes
B: Strigiformes
C: Falconiformes

Question 5

If a bird of prey is "diurnal", what does it do?

A: Hunts in the day
B: Hunts in the woods
C: Hunts in the night

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