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Last Updated: Tuesday April 26 2005 15:48 GMT

Quiz: Spies

Spy graphic

Question 1

What's the name of the singer who stars in Austin Powers: Goldmember?

A: Cheryl Tweedy
B: Javine
C: Beyonce Knowles

Question 2

What's the name of the actor who plays Austin Powers?

A: Mike Myers
B: Will Smith
C: P Diddy

Question 3

Which of these actors has never played James Bond?

A: Pierce Brosnan
B: Tom Cruise
C: Sean Connery

Question 4

What do the initials CIA stand for?

A: Criminal Intelligence Agency
B: Central Intelligence Agency
C: Crime Intelligence Agency

Question 5

What initials represent the UK's security agency?

A: MI2
B: MI3
C: MI5

Question 6

Which of these is NOT another word for a spy?

A: Rat
B: Agent
C: Mole

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