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Last Updated: Tuesday July 09 2002 09:35 GMT

Quiz: Hedgehogs

A hedgehog

Question 1

Why is bread bad for hedgehogs?

A: They can't chew it
B: They can't digest it
C: They don't like the taste

Question 2

On average, how many babies do hedgehogs have?

A: 1-3
B: 4-8
C: 2-6

Question 3

Why do they roll into a ball?

A: To keep warm
B: To protect themselves
C: To move more quickly

Question 4

Why do they hibernate in winter?

A: To escape predators
B: Because they get bored
C: It's too cold to get enough food

Question 5

What's a hedgehog's hibernation nest called?

A: A hibernaculum
B: A hiberhome
C: A hibernestorim

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