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Last Updated: Thursday September 15 2005 14:41 GMT

Quiz: Amphibians

A frog

Question 1

Where do 75% of most frog and toad species live?

A: Tropical rainforests
B: By lakes
C: In deserts

Question 2

What do you call a group of frogs?

A: A mob
B: An army
C: A knot

Question 3

What is it called when a tadpole turns into a frog?

A: Puberty
B: Metamorphosis
C: Mutation

Question 4

For how long have amphibians (cold-blooded creatures) been around?

A: Around 150 million years
B: Around 250 million years
C: Around 350 million years

Question 5

What is the largest type of frog called?

A: Elephant frog
B: Bull frog
C: Goliath frog

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