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Last Updated: Saturday March 11 2006 16:06 GMT

Quiz: Polar bears

A polar bear cub

Question 1

Why does a polar bear's fur look white?

A: To make them swim faster
B: Their fur has no pigment
C: They are just very clean

Question 2

What average age do wild polar bears live to?

A: 15-18 years old
B: 25-30 years old
C: 35-38 years old

Question 3

What do polar bears mainly snack on in the Arctic?

A: Potatoes
B: Mints
C: Seals

Question 4

What does the polar bear's Latin name Ursus maritimus mean?

A: White bear
B: Sea bear
C: Ice bear

Question 5

How many cubs do female polar bears usually have?

A: Two
B: Six
C: Ten

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