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Last Updated: Tuesday July 26 2005 14:21 GMT

Quiz: Squirrels

A red squirrel

Question 1

What order of mammals does the squirrel belong to?

A: Rodentia
B: Squirreloria
C: Tree Ratus

Question 2

How many species of squirrels are there?

A: More than 250
B: More than 500
C: More than 750

Question 3

What's the average size of a squirrel's brain?

A: Size of a pea
B: Size of a cricket ball
C: Size of a walnut

Question 4

How do squirrels find their buried nuts again?

A: They sniff them out
B: They sign post them
C: They guess where they are

Question 5

What is a squirrel nest called?

A: Burrow
B: Drey
C: Set

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