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Last Updated: Wednesday May 22 2002 13:34 GMT

Computer violence debate: Opposer's points

Computer games
The opposer disagrees with the motion:

"This house believes that computer games provoke aggressive behaviour."

The opposer could use the points below when making their speech.

Spaces have been left for them to add points of their own:

  • Violent computer games allow you to let off steam. This is called a catharsis.

  • People know the difference between games and real life.

  • Younger people, who may be more impressionable, are protected by the parental ratings system.

  • Dr Guy Cumberbatch, a chartered psychologist and expert in media violence, has said that research shows that some people are stimulated simply by the fast pace of action games, rather than their violence.

  • Many gamers say they would not be influenced by any games to go out and do shootings and killings. There will always be violent people but this is not because of computer games.

  • Computer games are often a way for people to socialise and have a good time.

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