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Last Updated: Wednesday May 22 2002 13:20 GMT

Computer violence debate: Proposer's points

Computer games

The proposer reads out the motion:

"This house believes that computer games provoke aggressive behaviour."

The proposer could use the points below when making their speech.

Spaces have been left for them to add points of their own:

  • Young people may have trouble making the distinction between what is real and what is a game. This may make them try to act out what they have done in games.

  • People are influenced to a great extent by what they see and hear. This could make them believe that violence is acceptable.

  • If people are exposed to computer game violence they can become desensitised to human suffering.

  • The theory of social learning says that playing aggressive video games leads to the stimulation of aggressive behaviour.

  • Violent video games may be more harmful than violent television or films because they are interactive, and require the player to identify with the aggressive character.

  • Psychologist Dr Craig Anderson, from Iowa State University of Science and Technology tested 227 college students and found that violent video games provide a chance for learning and practising aggressive solutions to conflict situations.

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