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Teachers: PSHE: Confidence Responsibility

Last Updated: Wednesday May 01 2002 16:06 GMT

Worksheet: Pet rights

A cat [Photo: RSPCA]

How far do you agree with these opinions?

Note down your responses and give each a rating:

0 - completely disagree
1 - disagree
2 - tend to disagree
3 - tend to agree
4 - agree
5 - completely agree

Comments from the Newsround website

"I think the law is a waste of time - no one listens to the law. I think the age to purchase a pet should be higher."

Rachel, 13, London

"The new law will not work. I think the law is too soft and a bit stupid."

Poppy, 11, Lancaster

"I think it's quite impressive, and I am glad that animals actually have rights. I own three cats so I think it's cool!"

Tia, 11, Edwinstowe

"I think that the new laws are good because it makes people make more of an effort to keep animals or pets clean. And it also gives people an excuse to treat pets well."

Shannen, 11, Pontypridd

"I think that it's good and bad. Good because they are god's creation and you should treat them with respect, and bad because if you forget to feed it and someone finds out you'll be in trouble!"

Marriam, 11, Leicester

"I think that it's good that animals finally have rights!"

Sarah, 12, Gorleston

"I think this new law is a waste of time. People won't bother listening to it - it's a waste of time and money."

Nadia, 12, Stoke-On-Trent

"I think the new law is a good idea but the age limit is a bit over the top."

Prisma, 13, London

"I think that people who neglect their animals and harm them should be sent away to a neglecting camp!!!"

Tara, 9, Bilston

"I think these laws are the best the government has came up with yet. It makes me sick to think how anyone could be cruel to their pets anyway."

Rachel, 13, Newcastle

"I think that if people can't look after animals, they shouldn't have them or if they have had an animal before and mistreated them, well then, they should never be allowed another pet again. It's not fair on the animals."

Lucy, 11, Ireland

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