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Last Updated: Thursday March 28 2002 17:22 GMT

Are you safe on the streets?

Street safety

Question 1

If a stranger offers you a lift, what should you do?

A: Get in their car and hope it's safe
B: Say "NO" and run away
C: Chat about your day at school

Question 2

What should you do if you get lost?

A: Hide in a corner and cry
B: Ask a stranger for a lift home
C: Look for a police officer or dial 999

Question 3

Is it safe to accept sweets from a stranger?

A: Yes
B: No

Question 4

What should you tell your parents before you go out?

A: That you’ll be back when you feel like it
B: Where you’re going and who you’re with
C: Who presented Newsround tonight

Question 5

What should you do if someone is making you unhappy or uncomfortable?

A: Tell an adult straight away
B: Wait and see if it happens again
C: Tell all your friends

Question 6

What should you do if you’re late getting home from school?

A: Take a shortcut
B: Ring your parents to say you’ll be late
C: Panic!

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