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Last Updated: Sunday February 24 2008 10:44 GMT

Quiz: The Oscars


Question 1

When was the first Oscars held?

A: 1919
B: 1929
C: 1939

Question 2

The group which decides who gets an Oscar is known as The Academy. But what is its full title?

A: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
B: The Academy of Film Excellence
C: The Academy of Film and Animation

Question 3

The statues are rumoured to be called Oscars because...

A: The first one was won by a man called Oscar
B: They are made by a firm called The Oscar Company
C: They look like someone's Uncle Oscar

Question 4

Which is the only Wallace and Gromit animation NOT to have won an Oscar?

A: Chicken Run
B: The Wrong Trousers
C: A Close Shave

Question 5

Who is the youngest person ever to win an Oscar?

A: Shirley Temple
B: Anna Paquin
C: Jodie Foster

Question 6

Which of these films has NOT won an Oscar for best animated feature?

B: Cars
C: Happy Feet

Question 7

Which is the only film ever to have won every single Oscar it was nominated for?

A: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
B: Elizabeth
C: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

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