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Last Updated: Wednesday April 29 2009 09:12 GMT

How is the world champion picked?

Huge crowds watch every Grands Prix

The world champion is the driver who scores the most world championship points over the course of a season.

The number of points awarded for each place in the race has changed for the 2010 season because there are two more teams than usual

1st 25 pts

2nd 18 pts

3rd 15 pts

4th 12 pts

5th 10 pts

6th 8 pts

7th 6 pts

8th 4 pts

9th 2 pts

10th 1 pt

Should two drivers score the same number of points in a season, their position in the standings will be decided by which one has won more races.

There's another prize for the teams that make the cars - constructors.

It's called the constructors championship, and uses the same points system as the drivers championship.

Each team has two drivers in a race, and the points they BOTH earn in races are added together to make their team's score.