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Last Updated: Friday February 15 2002 17:26 GMT

Quiz: Elephants

Elephants spraying water

Question 1

How many months do elephants carry their babies for before giving birth?

A: 9 months
B: 15 months
C: 22 months

Question 2

How fast can an elephant charge?

A: 12 mph
B: 25 mph
C: 40 mph

Question 3

How long can elephants live for?

A: 40-50 years
B: 50-60 years
C: 60-70 years

Question 4

What are the two species of elephant?

A: European and American
B: Asian and African
C: African and Australian

Question 5

What time of year do elephants give birth?

A: Spring
B: Summer
C: Any time

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