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Last Updated: Friday April 15 2005 19:11 GMT

Quiz: Dinosaurs


Question 1

What group of dinosaurs does the Brontosaurus belong to?

A: Ornithopod
B: Sauropod
C: Theropod

Question 2

When was the Late Jurassic period?

A: 152 million years ago
B: 220 million years ago
C: 65 million years ago

Question 3

What did the Stegosaurus eat?

A: Vegetation
B: Meat
C: Anything!

Question 4

Which dinosaur is thought to have weighed more than 20 elephants?

A: Didelphodon
B: Tyrannosaurus
C: Brachiosaurus

Question 5

What are Ichthyosaurs?

A: Flying mammals
B: Land mammals
C: Marine reptiles

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