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Last Updated: Monday February 28 2005 14:53 GMT

Jargon buster


Ace - When a player wins a point after serving an unhittable shot.

Backhand -when the back of your hand facing front.

Baseline - Nothing to do with phat beats. This is the line at the far end of the court.

Cyclops - It's the service line monitor that goes beep if the ball goes outside the service box.

Deuce - This is another way of saying forty-all. It comes from the French word "deux", meaning two, when two people are on the same point.

Double fault - Serving twice out of the court and losing the point.

Forehand - when you hit with your palm facing to the front.

Hawkeye - A piece of technology that can tell if a ball was out or in, even if it was moving too fast for the human judges to have seen.

Let - Play the point again.

Love - A tennis word for zero.

Seeds - The people expected to do well in a tournament.

Serve - When the player hits the ball over the net to start the game.

Set - The main sections of a tennis match (see how to score, above)

Smash - A very fast shot hit by a player.

Spin - Hitting the ball so it spins and bounces so it's hard for the other player to hit (as in 'top spin', 'back spin')

Straight sets - When someone wins a match without losing a set, eg winning three sets to love.

Tiebreak - When the set is drawn at six-all (see how to score, above).

Umpire - The person who decides, like a referee.

Volley - Hitting the ball before it bounces.