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Last Updated: Monday February 28 2005 14:50 GMT

How do you score?

The scoreboard at Wimbledon

The match is divided up into sets. In men's tennis you normally have to get three sets to win. For women it's two.

To win a set you have to win six games - but you also have to get two more games than your opponent.

So you can take the set 6-4, but not 6-5. In that case, you'd continue until someone won 7-5.

If you get to 6-6 first, you play a tiebreak. The first person to get to seven points or more by two clear points wins the tiebreak and the set.

To win a game you need to win four points. But rather than going up from one to four they go in this order: fifteen, thirty, forty, game.

If you are tied on forty-all this is called deuce, and then you have to win by two clear points.