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Last Updated: Thursday January 03 2002 13:28 GMT

Quiz: Tennis

Tennis balls

Question 1

What are the tennis courts at Wimbledon made from?

A: Clay
B: Concrete
C: Grass

Question 2

The four tournaments that make up the Grand Slam are: French Open, US Open, Wimbledon and...?

A: Los Angeles Cup
B: Australian Open
C: Berlin Masters

Question 3

How many points does 'love' represent in tennis?

A: None
B: Five
C: Ten

Question 4

What country is tennis believed to have started in?

A: Australia
B: England
C: France

Question 5

Boris Becker became Wimbledon's youngest men's singles champion in 1985, but how old was he?

A: 16
B: 17
C: 18

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