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Last Updated: Wednesday January 02 2002 14:23 GMT

Quiz: The Simpsons

The Simpsons

Question 1

Which character did Marge’s sister Selma marry and divorce?

A: Sideshow Bob
B: Krusty the Clown
C: Moe

Question 2

Who provides the voice of Bart Simpson?

A: Nancy Cartwright
B: Dan Castellaneta
C: Hank Azaria

Question 3

Which member of the Simpsons family once shot Mr Burns?

A: Homer
B: Marge
C: Maggie

Question 4

What was Bart's first word as a baby?

A: Homer
B: Aye carumba
C: Duff

Question 5

Why did the whole town of Springfield have to move five miles down the road?

A: There was a leak from Springfield Nuclear power Plant
B: Bart poisoned the water supply
C: Homer was put in charge of waste disposal

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