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Last Updated: Thursday May 25 2006 16:43 GMT

Quiz: Text messaging


Question 1

Roughly how many texts are sent a month in the UK?

A: 2 billion
B: 2.5 billion
C: 3 billion

Question 2

What is someone sending you with this text? :-*

A: A growl
B: A disapproving look
C: A kiss

Question 3

What does SMS stand for?

A: Send Me Symbols
B: Standard Messaging System
C: Short Messaging Service

Question 4

What does this mean? @}--,--'--

A: Let's play hangman
B: A rose
C: Nothing, you made that one up!

Question 5

It's thought 'Merry Christmas' was the first text message to be sent from a phone. But in which year?

A: 1993
B: 1995
C: 1997

Question 6

What does this mean - PCM L8r?

A: Please see me later
B: Please choose me later
C: Please call me later

Question 7

What is this? >^. .^<

A: A cat
B: A fox
C: A hamster

Question 8

How many people sent texts on New Year's Eve 2005?

A: 150 million
B: 165 million
C: 180 million

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