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Last Updated: Thursday December 13 2001 16:38 GMT

Quiz: Whales & dolphins


Question 1

For how long can a whale stay under water?

A: No more than 20 minutes
B: More than 1 hour
C: More than 10 hours

Question 2

What's the scientific name for dolphins?

A: Cetaceans
B: Crustaceans
C: Cichlids

Question 3

Which animal is the whale's closest land relative?

A: Hippopotamus
B: Elephant
C: Rhino

Question 4

How many species of dolphins are there?

A: 49
B: 7
C: 26

Question 5

Which whale is one of the biggest mammals on earth?

A: Blue whale
B: Minke whale
C: Elephant whale

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