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Last Updated: Friday December 07 2001 15:24 GMT

Quiz: Monkeys & apes

Question 1

What are the two different groups of monkeys called?

A: New World and Old World
B: New World and Third World
C: Old World and Third World

Question 2

What was Michael Jackson's pet chimp called?

A: Cheetah
B: Kong
C: Bubbles

Question 3

How many months does a young chimp stay attached its parent?

A: Two weeks
B: Four to five months
C: One year

Question 4

How many primates are used for scientific research in Britain every year?

A: 1,000
B: 3,000
C: 5,000

Question 5

In which film is the heroine carried off by flying monkeys?

A: The Wizard of Oz
B: 12 Monkeys
C: Planet of the Apes

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