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Spurs player Steffen Iversen
English / KS 2&3 / En2 Reading
3f. To distinguish between fact and opinion
5b. To identify words associated with persuasion and argument
9c. To read a range which includes newspapers and articles
(The numbers refer to the KS2 National Curriculum Programme of Study for English)


Students identify bias in football reports and re-write a story, making it fair and balanced.

Learning aims
  • Learn the meaning of bias
  • Re-write a biased news story in a non-biased way

Spurs player Steffen Iversen

Read out worksheet 1 to the class.

Ask the class if they think this was written by a fan of Tottenham or Bolton? Answer: A Tottenham fan.

Make the point that news stories should give a fair and balanced report of what has happened. If a particular point of view is favoured then the story is biased.

Read through worksheet 2 with the class.

Ask students: What kind of person has written this? Answer: A Bolton fan.

Main activity

The class rewrite either of the worksheet versions of Tottenham knock out Bolton so that the bias is removed.

Extension activity
Ruud Van Nistelrooy celebrates scoring with his Man Utd team-mates

The class add their own bias to a news story selected from the Newsround website.

One suggestion is in the blue fact box.


Students compare their versions with this football report from the Newsround website:

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