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Last Updated: Tuesday April 05 2005 18:25 GMT

Quiz: Dogs

A dog

Question 1

Why do dogs bark?

A: To annoy the neighbours
B: When they are unsure
C: To clear their throats

Question 2

How many breeds of dog are there in the world?

A: 400
B: 500
C: 600

Question 3

What are truffle hounds used for?

A: Delivering chocolates
B: Sniffing out expensive mushrooms
C: Digging holes

Question 4

What are the heaviest dogs in the world?

A: St. Bernards
B: Great Danes
C: Irish Wolf Hounds

Question 5

What's the name of the Simpsons' dog?

A: Norm
B: Scamp
C: Santa's little helper

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