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Last Updated: Friday October 12 2001 09:51 GMT

Quiz: Endangered animals


Question 1

What do pandas usually eat?

A: Other animals
B: Bamboo shoots
C: Fish

Question 2

How fast can a dolphin swim?

A: 30km per hour
B: 1km per hour
C: 100km per hour

Question 3

How long can the sea turtle's migration swim last?

A: Up to 10 years
B: Up to 10 minutes
C: Up to 20 years

Question 4

How far can a tiger's roar be heard?

A: Over 3km
B: Over 15km
C: Over 1.5km

Question 5

How many molar teeth do elephants have?

A: 4
B: 6
C: 12

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