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  Girls only for the message boards
Updated 06 November 2004, 09.31
Girls Zone
After another month of fierce voting, Girls' Zone has won the message board vote in Your Charts.

So just for one month, it's only girly chat allowed!

Also new on the message board chart for this month are Christmas and The Sims 2.

So if you want December's board to be full of either crimbo chat, or The Sims 2 tips, then get voting.

Speaking of The Sims 2, this week it gets your vote as your fave computer game again.

Donkey Konga only lasts a week on the chart and James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing enters the chart for another chance at getting your vote.

Elsewhere on the charts, it looks like the end of Lord of the Rings mania as it's been voted out of your fave thing chart.

Harry Potter tops the poll again and reading is back as a new entry.

In the music charts, after a week off the top spot, Darius is back as your fave pop star.

Does Sam Nixon get your fave celeb vote?
Does Sam Nixon get your fave celeb vote?
Bad luck for Rachel Stevens though who gets the chop, and good news for Will Young who returns to the poll again after a brief spell away.

Avril Lavigne is still your fave rock star, but one time favourite Evanescence drop out of the chart this week. Let's hope The Rasmus can do better.

His performance against Sparta Prague must have made an impression on you as Ruud van Nistelrooy gets the new entry spot on the sport chart, replacing Michael Owen.

The TV chart was full of surprises this week, as EastEnders topped the poll, with The Simpsons lagging quite a way behind.

Will it all change next week now that Neighbours has entered the chart?

And in the celeb chart, Rupert Grint wins this week's battle between him and fellow Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

With the least amount of votes, Keira Knightley gets the boot and Top of the Pops Saturday's Sam Nixon takes her place.

So who gets your vote? Make sure you vote for your faves next week!

Charts are updated every Saturday. The message board chart is updated on the first Saturday of every month.

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