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  The Noise Next Door get noisy for NR
Updated 24 October 2004, 09.56
Boys Next Door
The Noise Next Door are pretty hard to miss, they're the triplets with red in their hair and the guys behind the Ministry of Mayhem theme tune.

The boys release their debut song, Lock Up Ya Daughters, next week and are dreaming of a top ten hit.

But as they explained to Newsround Showbiz their music adventure began in a supermarket.

How did you get discovered?

Ed: We all worked at Asda to save up for equipment for the band and while we were working we were spotted by John McLaughlin who has written songs for Busted, Blue and Liberty X.

He saw me on the meat counter and said to me, 'you look like you should be in a band' and then he saw the others. And then it all happened.

Craig: I think it was a bit more hectic in John's head finding three people in a supermarket when he only went in for his dinner. It's been so cool.

Craig from Noise Next Door
Craig goes for the matching hair and t-shirt look

How long ago were you spotted in the supermarket?

Scott: Four months ago and things have changed drastically. It's a bit different walking down the street now. You can't compare it to anything else

When did you guys form the band?

Scott: We were about 10 when we started playing our own instruments and by the time we were 12 we kinda clicked why don't we set up some instruments and jam? And we've just been in the band ever since and we did our first gig when we were 14.

What do mum and dad think?

Scott: They love it. Sometimes they can't handle the noise. but they do really love it!

Noise Next Door. How did you get that name?

Craig: When we first started we were rehearsing in any room in the house and one day the neighbours were banging on the wall it was just too loud for them and we said, 'they must think we're the noise next door' and that was it, it stuck.

What's the song Lock up ya Daughters about?

Ed: It's about a young girl going out with this guy who is a bit of a likely lad and the dad really hates him and doesn't like the idea of his daughter going out with him. But the girl tries to see him anyway.

Your producer has worked with Blue and Busted. Are you the next Busted?

Craig: If you put Busted at one end of a scale and Green Day on the other we'd be in the middle. We're a poppy version of Green Day and a rockier version of Busted.

Do you write your own stuff?

Craig: We write our own stuff in a group together and we also write with others including our producer.

Catch Rachel's interview with the band on Newsround Showbiz on Sunday 24 October the CBBC channel.

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