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  Jamelia: full interview
Updated 25 June 2004, 13.57
Jamelia popped into the Newsround Showbiz office to chat to Adam about her new single, working with Coldplay's Chris Martin and some of the highlights of the past year.

Adam: Welcome back to Newsround. The new single, See It In A Boy's Eyes, what's it all about?
Jamelia: It's basically about a relationship where someone doesn't speak about having a problem and you can see that they're upset but they're just not talking. It's an irritating situation so I thought I'd write about it.

Adam: And quite an interesting writing partner...
Jamelia: Yes I collaborated with Chris Martin from Coldplay and it was so much fun. I'm always up for doing things that are different and collaborating with him was certainly something many people hadn't expected. But I'm glad I did and a lot of people like the song.

Adam: He plays the piano on the track doesn't he? Jamelia: Yes and he also does some vocals on the track as well.

Adam: Were you in the studio together or was it one of those with him in LA and you in London?
Jamelia: No, we did the whole thing together and it was so much fun - great to work with someone so amazing.

Adam: Were you a huge Coldplay fan before?
Jamelia: I'm a huge Coldplay fan - I've always been one - we're actually with the same record label so every time I go in I ask what's new that Coldplay have got out?

Adam: You've had two huge hits recently - does that take the pressure off the next one?
Jamelia: I must say I never feel pressurised when it comes to competing with former singles that I've had - I see my chart positions as achievements and I just hope that the subsequent ones are always better or as good. But I've never felt under pressure - I just think that as long as I'm happy with the song, that's what matters and we'll just see when the song comes out.

Adam: What about the video for See It In The Boys Eyes, why did you decide to go for that look?
Jamelia: The video was shot in Cuba - it was so much fun. It's me in the army, I'm one of the soldiers. I just wanted it to be different - it would have been so predictable if it was just me in a short skirt, my legs out - and I'm not a predictable person. I was trying to be fresh so that people stay interested in me.

Adam: There's a rumour that Kylie was giving you style advice?
Jamelia: I've heard that rumour too! Kylie's a lovely person and she has sent me some stuff from her range. I haven't seen her to give me any tips, but she's definitely someone I'd look to in the style stakes - cos I think she's very stylish.

Adam: What else have you been up to since we last saw you?
Jamelia: Well I've been to so many different places, I've been meeting loads of different people. I've been doing shows. I did a show a couple of weeks ago, which was literally underneath the Eiffel Tower. I did a huge show in Milan with Janet Jackson and Lionel Richie - I've been having the most amazing time and it's because of all the support I've had hear in the UK.

Adam: So is this Jamelia being launched as a massive international star that we're seeing now?
Jamelia: Well it's beginning to happen - it's really strange because I'd never use the word star, I don't see myself as a star. But it's really strange because when I walk around Italy, France or even Australia people are like 'Oh my God - are you Jamelia?' and I'm like: 'How on earth can you know who I am?!'. It's a brilliant feeling to just feel appreciated.

Adam: Do you think you've changed a lot since the last few singles have done so well?
Jamelia: Not really. I feel like the same person just living in a dream world. It's the type of lifestyle you see on the TV and stuff, but I think it's good that I've stayed the same person because you appreciate everything so much more - I'm very, very, very fortunate.

Adam: Your young daughter, do you get to take her on tour with you?
Jamelia: Recently I did a UK tour, but my daughter only came to one of the shows because I'm on stage pretty late and I didn't want to keep her out of bed because she has nursery. In the summer holidays though she's coming everywhere with me.

Adam: Does she realise how famous you are?
Jamelia: To my daughter it's just normal. Her mummy's always done what her mummy does, so to her it's not really anything special.

Adam: I've been looking at some of the reviews of your tour and they all say you're the British Beyonce - how do you feel about being labelled as that?
Jamelia: I love Beyonce. I think she's an amazing artist but I don't like being compared to people - I'd rather people see me for me. I think Beyonce is an original artist - there's never going to be another Beyonce. I'd like people to say there's never going to be another Jamelia. Obviously I can see that there are certain similarities, but I don't think we're the same or comparable. It's flattering though because she is an international superstar!

Adam: Last time we spoke you'd just stood in for Naomi Campbell at the Brit Awards and everyone was talking about you taking over the modelling world - is that something you want to do?
Jamelia: I'm just in the process of signing a modelling contract and there are so many amazing things being discussed! It's going to be yet another exciting year for Jamelia!

Adam: If you could pick a product to be the face of - what would your ideal product be?
Jamelia: My dream thing to be the face of is chocolate because then I would get it free for the rest of my life!

You can watch the full interview with Jamelia on Newsround Showbiz. The programme is on the CBBC channel on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.50am and 3.50pm.

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