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  Andy Serkis: When I was 12
Updated 18 June 2004, 13.49
Andy Serkis
Andy Serkis is most famous for providing the voice and movement for Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

He will soon start work on King Kong, but did he act like a monkey when he was 12? We asked him.

What was your most embarrassing moment at school?

I once got a tube of Smarties and I banged the lid of the desk down on it and the lid came off and hit the German teacher right between the eyes.

How much pocket money did you get?

About 1 a week. I spent it on model kits.

What was your favourite cartoon?


Who was your favourite teacher and why?

We had a great teacher called Mike Fitzmorris. I remember walking down a corridor and bumping into him and he said sorry and I liked him for that. He was a good friend to the pupils.

What made you cringe most?

My sister's boyfriends.

Who were your heroes?

The actor Bruce Lee, and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Were you bullied?

No I was never bullied but there were lots of gangs and lots of fights.

What did your school report say?

My life report is that I'm only really good at things I want to do and I'm hopeless at putting any effort into things I don't want to do.

What was your nickname?

Billy Smarts - after the famous circus. People used to pronounce my name as 'circus' instead of Serkis.

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