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  Brandy: When I was 12
Updated 16 June 2004, 11.08
Brandy landed her first record deal when she was just 14 and then three years later starred in her own sitcom Moesha.

But what was she like when she was 12? We asked her.

What was your most embarrassing moment at school?

I had to sing a solo of Over The Rainbow and the whole school laughed at me. I was wondering what was wrong with me!

How much pocket money did you get?

I didn't get an allowance, but my parents would put stars on a chart if we were good. We got rewarded by staying up late or being allowed to play outside for longer.

What was your favourite cartoon?

Dennis the Menace and the Smurfs.

Who was your favourite teacher and why?

Mrs Cox - she really wanted me to do well and was so protective of me to succeed.

What made you cringe most?

I didn't have straight teeth and I had a big gap in the middle. People used to talk about me - it was so embarrassing.

Who was your hero/heroine?

Whitney Houston and my dad and mum. She worked so hard for me and my brother.

Were you bullied?

Yes I was bullied - people wanted to fight me all the time. I tried to buy friendship and gave people pens and paper to be my friend. I once copied a CD for a girl who said she liked this rapper my dad had an album of, so she wouldn't beat me up. After that she became my best friend.

What did your school report say?

I got Bs and Cs. I wasn't really into school. Because I was so focused on my music I didn't study like I should have done.

What was your nickname?

Brandy Boo and Brand new

What was your worst ever punishment?

Every year we would get new Easter clothes for church and one year we did something bad and didn't get new clothes. I thought it was the worst thing ever to go to church without the new clothes.

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