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  Celebrity phobias
Updated 11 June 2004, 15.00
Fear of flying, fear of spiders, fear of heights - lots of us have fears and phobias.

Just because you're a celeb doesn't mean you don't suffer too - so what happens when the famous won't fly?

NR Showbiz went to seek help on behalf of the rich and famous.

Johnny Depp is arachnophobic, plasmophobic and most strangely coulrophobic. That means he's afraid of spiders, ghosts and clowns!

Christina Ricci has pool-selachophobia: she's scared that a shark might swim through a hatch in the side of a swimming pool.

Johnny: 'Spider - ooh!'
Johnny: 'Spider - ooh!'
Phobias are described as irrational fears - being scared of something that's really unlikely to happen or something that isn't really dangerous.

While some fears may seem a bit odd, they are not fun for those who have them.

When celebs get scared of flying it can affect their whole lives - tours have to be cancelled or rescheduled to allow the superstar to get there by car, boat or train.

Fear of flying is quite widespread. Soul Diva Aretha Franklin has it and so does British pop star Javine.
Javine: Her fear of flying has been grounded

Javine told NR Showbiz: "When I was a kid I loved it but the older I got the more anxious I was. It's just 'take off' and turbulence that I get stressed about."

So what do you do if you have a fear?

Facing fears head on should only be done gently says one psychologist.

Peter Hayward says: "the approach we usually recommend is gradual - for example if someone's afraid of dogs don't go looking for a vicious Alsatian but start with a small docile one!"


Javine set out to overcome her fear of flying by hooking up with the Royal Airforce and eventually took to the skies at the end of a three day course.

"It was great. I was the only civilian there! Everyone else were doctors or nurses - they were bad - a couple didn't go on the plane. I had a lot of therapy and learned about technical stuff and it's really safe."

Javine didn't let her fear get her down!

Psychologist Peter Hayward reckons if you have a phobia that is making you really miserable it might be worth going to the doctor - they can help.

You can catch the NR Showbiz programme tackling phobias on Saturday 12 June.

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