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  Newsround hangs out with McFly
Updated 03 June 2004, 18.15
McFly are one of the hottest bands of the moment. Their first single went in at number one, their second is out on 21 June and their debut album comes out next month.

Newsround Online caught up with Tom, Danny, Dougie and Harry to find out what's going on in the world of McFly.

How has life changed since you had your number one?
What was weird was that it didn't get weirder. People thought loads of things would happen, but we haven't been to any celebrity bashes or anything.


I suppose we get recognised a bit more. Before we didn't get recognised when we were on our own, but that's started to happen now.

We're not out and about people. We're not going to be in Heat magazine. We're just like your average teenage boys, but playing in a band.

It's so weird with the screaming girls, especially because there are loads of better looking boys.

How did you celebrate your number one?
We were with our management and the producers of the track and a few friends. It wasn't a big event.

We're not surrounded by people who tell us we're great the whole time. We'll go home and it will just be the four of us and it will feel totally normal.


Tell us about the new single, Obviously
It's about this girl who is way out of your league and she's got this boyfriend who is older than you and he's in the Marines.

Tom: There's this girl I know and her boyfriend is in the police. You just pick up things from your life and put them in songs.

Did your true-life story have a happy ending?
Tom: Might do, I'm still working on it

What's the video like?
We're caddies on a golf course. It took about a day to shoot.


So, is golf your new hobby?
We were playing today. Harry's really good, he was clearing the fence. Tom got a blister, though.

The album's called Room On The 3rd Floor, after one of the tracks inspired by the time Tom and Danny were holed up in a hotel room for weeks. Why did you write the track?
Being in a hotel is really good fun for the first two weeks, but then it gets sooo boring, staring at four walls.

We used to have grape fights and we made darts out of the needle kits. We put glasses to the wall and listened to the arguments people were having next door.

Why did you choose it as the title track?
We didn't want a self-titled album. It's one of the stand-out tracks and it's what sounded cool. It's quite long, and we thought it was a nice name. Plus, we wrote most of the album in that hotel room, so it fits in very well.

What are your hopes for the album?
I hope that people give it a chance and get to hear it. We're really proud of it because hardly any pop bands write their own music and play their own instruments and a lot of effort went into it.

Danny: When I first got a Busted album, I had never listened to pop, but I gave it a go and I thought it was amazing.


One of the tracks is called Broccoli. What's that about?
None of us cook, so it was quite funny that everything's going well and the broccoli's done and then she blows you out. Broccoli's only in the first line. The song ends the album.

Have any of you got girlfriends?
We're all single at the moment. We date girls, but it doesn't last long. It's hard to get long-lasting relationships. Girls get fed up with us because we're never at home.

Who's your ideal girl?
Tom: Katie Holmes
Danny: Anna Kournikova
Dougie: Frankie S Club
Harry: Keira Knightley

How do you decide what to wear?
We wear what we like. We have this guy who buys us some clothes and we tell him what we're into. We don't get much chance to go shopping.
Dougie: I've had this T-shirt for two years. I auditioned in this T-shirt.

Have you got any gigs lined up?
There are a few surprises, but the Olympic gig on 26 June is our biggest. It's live on TV and we get to play live. We prefer it if it's live.

Finally, what do you think you'll be doing in 10 years' time?
We'll be recording our seventh album. We'll be on a stadium tour. We'll be doing an interview with you!

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