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  Gettin' Beastly with the Beastie Boys
Updated 04 June 2004, 15.03
The Beastie Boys: MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D
The Beastie Boys: MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D

The Beastie Boys are big, beastly and back. New York's finest rap-punk crossover band are blasting back to the top 10 after being very quiet for six whole years!

NR Showbiz catches up with the tricky trio on Sunday 6 June - so who are the Beastie Boys?

They slammed into the charts for the first time in 1986 with their first album Licensed to Ill.

When they first started out, the Beastie Boys were seen as a bit of a joke by those on the hip-hop scene.

They had comedy titles for their songs and got up to weird and wonderful antics on stage.

But many people thought they were a bad influence. Some of their records were banned from the radio!

The VW badge - someone thought that looked cool?
More "vroom vroom" than "bling bling"

Their lyrics such as "fight for your right to party" alarmed a lot of adults.

They also started a fashion for wearing car badges on chains, like the VW badge. This caused chaos as fans stole them from the front of cars.

'Ch-Check It Out'

But they're back - the new single Ch-Check It Out is headed for the top 10 and there's an album to follow.

Mike D explained what the album's sound is all about: "This album is very New York City, everything that has happened in NYC since 2002, 2001..."

Ad-Rock adds: "Having fun in troubled times."

The beasties as they used to look: MCA, Ad-Rock and Mike D in their pants
The beasties as they used to look: on stage in their undies!

Trying to keep the Boys serious in an interview is almost impossible. When asked why this album took six years to produce, the boys talked sport.

Ad-Rock said: "The last album was good but coach felt that we really needed to work on defence and stuff on our off season. We have a lot of training facilities in the other room. That is why we didn't rush things, we wanted to hone our skills, defensively, offensively, team-minded!"

So that's cleared it up then! The Beastie Boys' single is out now and the album hits the shelves on 14 June.

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