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  Newsround's Rachel gets 'The 411'
Updated 21 May 2004, 19.08
The 411: Carolyn, Suzie,Tanya and Tisha (with NR's Rachel in the middle)
The 411: Carolyn, Suzie,Tanya and Tisha (with NR's Rachel in the middle)

Newsround Showbiz presenter Rachel Gibson caught up with new British R'n'B girl band "The 411." They're poised to hit the charts with their first single On My Knees thought to be a sure fire top five hit.

She got the goss from the girls on their name, their past and their style.

Rachel: Where did the name come from?

Carolyn: '411' is an information line in America - people call when they want information. We thought it'd be cool if people wanted the information on us! And also it's the name of Mary J Blige's first album and we're big fans!

The 411's Tanya and Tisha
The 411's Tanya and Tisha
Rachel: How did you guys become a band?

Tanya: Me and Tish were doing backing vocals for Lemar - there was this woman there from Sony. She said "You guys sound really nice together. If there were a few more of you we'd be interested in doing something with you." Before we knew it Carolyn, who lives down the road from me, and Suzie, who I know through a friend, all got together. Then we went and did a showcase for Sony. We had to prove ourselves. And we did!

Rachel: You've all got secret other talents, who does what?

Tisha: I'm in two kids' TV shows at the moment: The Basil Brush show and Kerching! I used to do Eastenders, Grange Hill, Holby City and Doctors - all the little soaps you do through stage school.

Carolyn: I did some kids TV here and there and loads of theatre stuff. I pop up in things you might have seen.

Rachel: So who's the Karate champion?

Tanya: That would be me. I did it a few years ago now. I did it for about five years running. I entered a few competitions randomly - like the nationals and happened to win!

Rachel: You were an English national karate champion and now you're in a girl group? Pretty good! So that means you, Suzie, were the athlete?

Suzie: I was! I did athletics for about 11 years and then when I was about 17 I suddenly got good, for some reason, at triple jumps. It was really fun.

Rachel: So tell me what the single, On My Knees is all about.

Suzie: It's basically about a girl who's in a relationship with someone that she knew was wrong for her at the time but allowed it anyway. He doesn't treat her well. It's her turning round to him and saying "that's it! I don't have to put up with this anymore". It's not a man-hating song - just a "don't put up with being treated badly" song.

Tisha: Yeah, don't get us wrong - a lot of people think that we're men bashing but were not - we do like the guys!

Rachel: On My Knees is your first single but you've already got some big names working with you on other tracks!

Carolyn: Ashanti wrote a song for us. Lemar also features on the song which is really cool. Dionne from Big Brovaz wrote a song for us. A new artist called JP has done a song for us - he's a rapper. Oh and Ghostface Killah!

Rachel: You've worked with so many people so what's "the 411" Style?

Carolyn: It's hard - the first single's quite hip hop but then there are other tracks we've done - some are very 'R'n'B' some are very soulful, we've got some pop as well! We decided to do a bit of everything 'cos we don't really have "a sound" at the moment - try a bit of everything and see what everyone likes!

Rachel: You're aiming for top five - What happens if the single does well?

Carolyn: We want the single to go well, any top five we'd be really happy. If it does we'll be really busy. Lots more telly! And we're going to go back into the studio and do some more songs. We're so indecisive and we've got so many songs we'll finally decide which is the next single to put out. And then we start all over again with promotion for the next song!

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